Transmission Repair

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Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair   | Hoyt Automotive - Lafayette, LA

Not every auto repair mechanic provides transmission repair, but ours does. Hoyt Automotive provides impeccable transmission service at competitive rates for those we serve in the Lafayette, LA area. Our transmission mechanic specializes in all areas related to transmission service. Our transmission repair shop is equipped with all the necessities that allow our professional mechanic to complete the mission efficiently.

As a friendly local service provider, we are very community-focused. We are committed to ensuring our customers’ vehicles are running in peak condition. It is this type of devotion that causes our customers in Lafayette, LA to bring their vehicles to us over and over again. When you know what to expect from your auto repair shop, it makes the decision to return much easier.

We provide extensive transmission repair work for our customers. We teach our customers that there are certain symptoms they should look for if they think they might have transmission problems. Here are some of those symptoms:

• Transmission slipping
• Leaking
• Slow response
• Clutch dragging
• Grinding
• Burn smell
• Unusual noises from the transmission
• Won’t go into gear easily
• Check engine warning light is on

There are many symptoms to look for and quite often, our transmission mechanic will be able to detect the problem based on those symptoms.

We have been in business for 27 years for a reason. We have the expertise necessary to provide effective transmission service for our customers in the Lafayette, LA community. Hoyt Automotive knows the transmission works very hard to keep your car moving and we will work just as hard to make sure it keeps working properly. Quality transmission repair service, a friendly approach and affordable rates are good reasons to visit our transmission repair shop today.