Professional Mechanic

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Professional Mechanic

Professional Mechanic  | Hoyt Automotive - Lafayette, LA

Every auto repair mechanic on our staff is a professional mechanic. They are properly trained and certified, and able to perform their required duties for our insured auto repair shop. Hoyt Automotive in Lafayette, LA is a company bound to professionalism. It is only natural that we would want our mechanics to be professional as well. We have learned over the years that customers are more confident about the service they are going to receive when provided in a professional manner.

A professional mechanic has the proper training to provide the duties associated with their craft. It is imperative that our customers in Lafayette, LA trust our ability to provide the auto repair or transmission repair services they need. There are too many other shops out there for them to settle with one that provides amateur work in a less than professional fashion.

A professional mechanic must be able to provide all aspects of repair service to a set standard. An automotive mechanic should be able to:

• Properly diagnose and detect problems
• Properly provide the correct solution for the repair
• Properly utilize the tools and equipment in the shop
• Provide professional customer service
• Provide routine maintenance
• Understand test results

The responsibilities of an auto repair mechanic may vary and be determined by their specialty or the precise services the business provides. In the case of Hoyt Automotive, our mechanics are responsible for all aspects of auto repair and transmission service.

Every automotive mechanic you find at Hoyt Automotive will perform their duties professionally and provide professional results. This is what a professional mechanic does. We are committed to making sure our customers in Lafayette, LA always receive the professional service they deserve.