Auto Repair

When you bring your car to Hoyt Automotive, you receive a 1-year warranty on any service provided. Call (337) 232-0514 for more information!

Auto Repair

Auto Repair   | Hoyt Automotive - Lafayette, LA

Hoyt Automotive is serious about auto repair. We would not have been in business 27 years if we were not. We look at the automobile almost like the human body. Every component has a purpose, and when they stop working properly, they need repaired or replaced. An oil change becomes like a blood transfusion. A radiator flush is like a colon cleansing. We are in the business of making sure our customers vehicles in Lafayette, LA get the treatment they need.

When our customers in Lafayette, LA bring their cars to our auto repair shop, they have certain expectations. They want their vehicles repaired fast, they want them repaired right and they want the price to be fair. It is not too much to ask and we try hard to exceed these expectations. Our automotive repair shop is completely equipped with the tools and equipment we need to provide a variety of auto repair services. Every professional mechanic in our employment is certified and insured to provide effective automotive repair services for your vehicles. We offer a wide array of auto repair options that include:

• Brakes
• Starters
• Alternators
• Batteries
• Radiators
• Water pumps
• Power steering pumps
• And much more

To sum it up, Hoyt Automotive will repair or replace any components related to the engine or the automobile in general.

The best time to bring your vehicle to our automotive repair shop is when you first realize it is acting differently than normal. If you notice leaks under your car or warning lights are coming on in the dash, bring your vehicle in to see our auto repair mechanic at once. The sooner Hoyt Automotive can begin working on the problem, the more likely we can fixit before it gets worse. It is all about providing focused service for our customers in Lafayette, LA.