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When you bring your car to Hoyt Automotive, you receive a 1-year warranty on any service provided. Call (337) 232-0514 for more information!

About Hoyt Automotive

About Us | Hoyt Automotive - Lafayette, LA

At Hoyt Automotive, we are all about using all of our skills to provide quality auto repair services for our customers in Lafayette, LA. We have been in business for 27 years. We don’t just employ an auto mechanic for his skills, but for his attitude. Our mechanics have to be knowledgeable, but they need to be friendly as well. They need to be devoted to their craft and dedicated to the people we serve. When you bring your car to us, you can rest assured our mechanic will work hard for you.

Our company is driven by honesty. We have always operated our auto and transmission repair business on the notion that if you are honest with your customers from the very start, and take care of their problems at a fair price, they will come back again and again. Our customers know they won’t locate hidden fees in their invoice and we don’t mark up the prices of parts. We provide our repair services in a straightforward manner.

Our auto repair shop has earned the trust of the Lafayette, LA community. Hoyt Automotive has developed a reputation for quality, dependability and respected services. That’s what we are all about.