Every automotive mechanic on our team is superbly trained and experienced in all aspects of service. Call (337) 232-0514 today!

Professional Mechanic

Professional Mechanic  | Hoyt Automotive - Lafayette, LA

Every auto repair mechanic on our staff is a professional mechanic. They are properly trained and certified, and able to perform their required duties...

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Auto Repair

Auto Repair   | Hoyt Automotive - Lafayette, LA

Hoyt Automotive is serious about auto repair. We would not have been in business 27 years if we were not. We look at the automobile almost like the...

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Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair   | Hoyt Automotive - Lafayette, LA,LA

Not every auto repair mechanic provides transmission repair, but ours does. Hoyt Automotive provides impeccable transmission service at competitive...

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Welcome To Hoyt Automotive

Hoyt Automotive has accumulated an extensive amount of automotive repair knowledge over our nearly threedecades in the business. Our mechanics specialize in all phases of auto repair and transmission repair services. Our professional mechanics are highly trained and extremely experienced. We are committed to friendly, reliable service that our customers in Lafayette, LA can trust.

Our automotive repair shop is totally insured and every auto mechanic we employ is certified. Like any service business, we work hard to build return customers. We do this by providing quality repairs at reasonable prices. We will provide a variety of auto repair services for our customers. If there is a component on a vehicle that is not operating effectively, we will fix it.

People bring their vehicles to Hoyt Automotive because they know our mechanics are dedicated to the automotive industry. They know that we treat our customers and cars the way we would hope to be treated in the same situation. More importantly, our customers know that we know our way around an engine. Whether we are repairing or replacing components on an engine or repairing or replacing a transmission, we use precision skills and training to provide quality results.

Our transmission service is very impressive. We use cutting-edge technology and tools to detect problems and provide viable solutions. When you have been in business 27 years, you learn to detect problems by sound and smell. At Hoyt Automotive in Lafayette, LA, we provide expert troubleshooting skills and make professional repairs quickly and efficiently.

We will provide break repair services, engine repair and transmission repair services at competitive prices. We offera 1-year warranty on any service we provide. If your vehicle does not seem to be running as efficiently as usual, bring it into us and we will check it out completely and provide the service it requires.

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